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Quit 9-5 Job and Be your Own Boss

The idea of a 9 to 5 job is rewarding to money-oriented people. However, for those who have a knack to go somewhere far with their lives and be their boss, a 9 to 5 job can be a living nightmare. But how does one break out of this cycle? How does anyone convince themselves to quit their boring jobs to become their boss and be the change they wish to see in themselves? Well, of course, it can be a tough nut to crack…or not. So, here in this article, we can be your best friend and help you map out exactly how to overcome this problem. As such, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or wish to take a pause and become a freelancer, the world will be yours to keep.

1.  Create A Stringent Routine

Planning everything is a good practice, but not having a disciplined routine to follow it may leave it right there. If you do not want your plans to get stale after a point, it is best to start acting on them. The best way to make that happen is by creating a stringent routine.


Finalize when you wish to move ahead with the transition between your 9 to 5 job and becoming your boss. Such a thing will help you know that you have a plan to do it and motivate you to make it come true. As such, you need to consider your financial assets and how you plan on leaving the job. The expenses you need to manage and if the firm permits it by the prescribed time frame are also important considerations.

2.  Set A Strong Goal

Individuals may have ten thousand reasons to quit their 9 to 5 jobs. Moreover, they can also have numerous ways to become their boss. But going with the flow and making spontaneous decisions in life cannot work well in the professional aspect. That is why having a determined goal in mind will only allow you to move in the right direction and achieve your dreams faster. It will also help you analyze whether leaving your job is the best decision at that particular point in time. As such, you are more likely to be concentrated than ever. Productivity improvement will also be available to notice.

3.  Chalk It Out

Now is the time to analyze your goal and how you wish to go about it. When you are sure about everything, you can quit your 9 to 5 job without hesitation. During this time, careful research must be conducted. This is also the time to decide how you wish to set the rates as an entrepreneur for your business or freelancing firm. Understand whether your 9 to 5 job has more advantages or becoming your boss. Weigh the situations and put more weight on the latter accordingly.

4.  Start With Side Hustle

We all love to have big dreams but taking a huge risk such as quitting your 9 to 5 job and losing out on the financial assets without enough clarity is a big-time risk. As such, it is always more appropriate to start with your plans as a side hustle. Take baby steps and see if you are doing it right. So, by the time you are convinced to drop off your 9 to 5 job, you know exactly how to scale up the idea of being your boss. This will also help reduce the amount of time that would have been drained in the training period after leaving a 9 to 5 job.

5.  Follow and keep up with the technology trends

Now is also the time to expand your business and client base. Try to start pitching different clients at this point and create a lasting impression in their eyes. Have a comprehensive plan to launch your clients into your network successfully. You can also do this by building yourself an original and attractive website and show your potential clients that your business is real. It might sound difficult to do that, but on the Internet, you can find all support you need.

All you have to do is make the most of this standout tool and show them that you can help their website level up like never before.


6.  Saving Is the Key

We often do not pay enough attention to savings. It is one of the most crucial things to do when starting a new business. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur, take a break, or create as a freelancer, having sufficient finances at hand only ensures that you will not have to fall face down on the floor. That is why make sure that you start saving well before you quit your 9 to 5 job. So, when you give up on it, you will not have to worry about your financial resources.

The Bottom Line

Quitting a 9 to 5 job is no tough nut to crack. However, having a plan to fall back on is. That is why focus on each of these pointers, follow them and you are on the good path. Remember: you are not the only one doing this and you can always share experiences with other entrepreneurs. They might even inspire and motivate you to follow your goals.





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