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France says Putin should understand that NATO has nuclear weapons.

With Russia’s intervention in Ukraine over the next two days ending in the latest war, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has expressed concern about the serious threat posed by the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the United States and Russia. Regionally other Western nuclear powers – Britain and France.

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden noted the possibility of a nuclear attack justified by Russia’s “threat” – President Vladimir Putin warned of “excellent results”, acknowledging that no country would intervene. Will

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“I don’t know who he (Putin) is talking to.

Jean-Yves Le Drian was very straightforward and said that Putin’s announcement was in line with the threat of nuclear weapons.

Lee also warned Putin that the NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an intergovernmental military alliance that urges Ukraine to join the opposition to Russia, is trying to maintain nuclear weapons.

What led to Putin’s intervention in Ukraine, Russia’s global uprising?

To that end, between Russia and NATO, at the end of December last year, Putin demonstrated his ability to add a nuclear rocket to his light, which he considered a threat to the West.

The revelations were apparently aimed at reaching the halfway point of nuclear weapons 3 to 4 kilometers away and are banned in Europe under a one-year agreement. The United States withdrew from the agreement in 2019, which will happen in the future.

How many nuclear weapons do both sides have in this war?

Ukraine has abandoned a large stockpile of nuclear weapons, built during its experiment in 1994 when it targeted nuclear peace arrangements. He has no one today.

Russia has the world’s largest (if not the largest) stockpile of nuclear weapons.

Putin has about 6,200 nuclear weapons, including 1,600 large nuclear weapons.

According to the NTI, the United States has sent approximately 3,750 (150-200 more) to 5 NATO countries.

The danger of a nuclear rocket Only a nuclear rocket can do this fatal damage to the current reality.

The site of the Chornobyl bombing, which lasted almost two years – is a silent indication of its potential.

In addition, the rest of the NATO countries have avoided fighting in Ukraine. However, it has recently expanded its military presence to the former Soviet Union, as it faces daily Russian air, land, and sea attacks. The House and the European Union have similarly developed a package of financial agreements aimed at integrating people into Russia’s economic organizations, major projects, and Putin’s modern power system. Putin’s request for nuclear energy comes 24 hours after the announcement of his final approval.

“It doesn’t matter because Russia is never threatened by the West or NATO. It will only make it more dangerous.”

From a strategic point of view, it is unclear whether change, if any, affects Putin’s demands. The Security Council requested that in addition to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s ongoing inspections in Iran, it monitor Iran’s compliance with “the steps required by the IAEA Board”. “We have no clear explanation for the uncertainty surrounding the legality of this request. However, I am not sure how it manifests itself. It is not yet clear.”

Jeffrey Lewis, a researcher at the Middleton Institute for Strategic Studies at the James Martin Center for Non-Comprehensive Studies, said Russia’s nuclear capability is now growing, so it needs to return to special orders and control. Putin’s behavior could increase the availability of his options, or it could improve it. “As she announced, in any case, I have to admit that she’s really a big mom who spreads her beer,” Lewis said.

“We will defend ourselves.” Photos of the continuation of the Ukrainian invasion

Olga Olikar, head of the International Crisis Group for Europe and Central Asia, said Putin had reasons to offer nuclear weapons. This includes blocking Western powers with the help of Ukraine or influencing ceasefire talks with Ukraine. Surely this is a cowardly attempt by a man to get out of the cards. “Perhaps, in the future, if the strategic performance for Russia improves, there will be no problem,” Oliker said.

Russia’s growth in Ukraine has slowed.



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