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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name

With the world going full digital, every brand and company will need an identity in this new world. A domain name is a way customers and clients can identify their favorite brands on the internet. With names to domains being created hourly, finding the right name through which your clients can reach out to you can be challenging.

Choosing the Right Domain Name 

In the next paragraph, this article will highlight factors you must consider when choosing a name for your domain.

Your Domain Extension Choice

When picking a domain name, your choice for domain extension is important for gaining the trust of your customers. According to a survey conducted by ICANN, over 90% of all internet users rank .com, .net, and .org as the most trusted domain extensions on the web. These extensions are trusted not just for their popularity but for the fact that they are the oldest and time-tested.

Another factor you must consider when picking an extension is the location of your targeted audience. Most countries have domain extensions like .ng, .uk, .us, .ru, and others, so if you are looking to do business in a particular country, adding the country’s domain extension to the name of the website can help in making your brand or product more trustworthy.

Its Uniqueness

You don’t want your brand domain to look or sound like that to your competitors. The uniqueness of your name gives your brand an exclusive and executive look. This exclusivity boosts customers’ confidence in your brand, drives up traffic and sales, and improves your SEO ranking. Using a professional domain checker is one way to test the uniqueness of your name.

Your Keywords Choices

Your choice of keywords to build a domain capable of generating high traffic matters. With major blogs competing for the top spot in the SEO ranking, using the right words in your domain name gives you an edge. When picking keywords, you must use words that are relevant to your blog. Google keyword planner is the best place to find the perfect matching keyword for your domain.


Simple is better. Avoid choosing names that are complex and difficult to remember. Your domain name must be words or phrases that are easy to memorize and spell. A misspell by a customer can lead them directly to the site of your competitors, leading to both losses in site traffic and sales. A simple name also improves your customers’ experience and increases the popularity of your brand or product.

Another factor you must consider in improving the simplicity of your name is avoiding numbers and hyphens. These two can confuse customers. For example, customers might get confused over whether to write the numbers in words or figures.


Every day new domains are being created, which means if you’re not fast enough, someone else might take your domain name. This might lead you to spend or create another name that might not necessarily fit your content. To help you make up your mind fast, pick names that are simple, common, and related to your brand or product.


It is not just okay to choose a great domain name. The security of the domain extension should also be your top priority. With the rise in cybercrime, most extensions are vulnerable to attacks. For the safety of your brand and customer information, use trusted extensions like .com and .org. Also, for added security, your site must be encrypted with SSL to guarantee customers that you are committed to safeguarding their private information.


If you carefully consider these factors listed above when choosing a domain name, you will have no trouble picking the right name for your website. Note, considering you might not have the time to come up with a good idea for a domain name, dozens of companies online are selling domains that might interest you.




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